Argo Navis is a project started by six young people from Bueu who decided to create an innovative youth entrepreneurship platform that encourages engagement and collaboration. Our team consists of experts in many different creative fields such as photography, graphic design, and architecture; together we will use interdisciplinary activities to promote a cultural agenda of local and sustainable development. Every month Argo Navis will use these activities to engage the local community in creative and collaborative events covering important topics such as: giving meaning to life, sketching your own future, facing challenges and being creative.

To realize this goal, we would like to find people all over the world willing to cooperate and contribute, as well as to spread and internationalize the initiative.

Our main motivation towards this exchange is to gain knowledge, skills and an entrepreneurial attitude allowing all of us to found and develop together our own personal projects, initiatives and ideas in a collaborative way that will be operating transnationally all over the world.

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If you have creative skills such as being inventive, imaginative and resourceful and emotional such as being proactive, highly motivated, passionate, open to cooperation, assertive, enthusiastic, friendly and sociable, we are searching for you! Would you like to join us?

If you’d like to be part of Argo Navis International Network, here are some possibilities!

  • Book workspace wherever you are (also in Argo Navis) through Desk.Work app!
  • If you live in another European country, you can acquire relevant experience and skills by joining us through the program Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs. To participate in the programme, you should apply online via the website link.
  • Travel between workspaces internationally using the Coworking Visa: a program allowing active members to use another participating space in a variety of cities for free (as a maximum of three days in Argo Navis). To find a participating workspace, head to the Coworking Visa page.
  • Just contact us and tell us about your idea!


Coordinates: 42.327624, -8.782464


Santiago de Compostela, Spain. By car it takes 1:10h to Bueu, but you can also catch the train from Santiago to Pontevedra. Then we can pick you up or you can also catch a bus from Pontevedra to Bueu.

Porto, Portugal. By car it takes 1:45h to Bueu, but you can also catch the bus to Vigo Bus Station. Then we can pick you up.

Vigo, Spain. By car it takes 30min to Bueu, we can pick you up!

A Coruña, Spain. By car it takes 1:45h to Bueu, but you can also catch the train from Coruña to Pontevedra. Then we can pick you up or you can also catch a bus from Pontevedra to Bueu.


What makes us passionate about working with the local community is the opportunity to invent and implement creative ideas that deliver incredible cultural and social impact, and as a result build a better future. Bueu is a village in the metropolitan area of Rías Baixas on the southwestern coast of Galicia, Spain. The area has a population of over 400.000 inhabitants. Despite its northern location on the Atlantic Ocean seashore and its incredible landscape, the recent economic meltdown in Spain has badly affected the town and its people. According to data collected by Spain, over half a million young people (called “expatriate”) have left the country in order to find better job conditions in Europe. Bueu local economy is mostly based on tourism and maritime resources, where opportunities are there waiting for us. New ways of working based on social and collaborative principles, closely linked with local development, have started to appear globally as a way of starting something new.

Argo Navis is our way of showing everyone that exploring creative methods for promoting young entrepreneurship based on a social commitment can foster economic development in a more inclusive, fair, and sustainable manner. We really believe in this mission and would like to share our values with one more person. We can help search for accommodation and any other arrangements you would need.



Bueu Turistic Guide (GL)

Cultural and Natural Heritage of Bueu (GL)

Bueu beaches (GL)

Bueu map (GL)

Natural Area of Cabo Udra (GL)


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